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Morgan: "Aren’t you gonna carry my kit?"

Greg: "Nope!"

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This is gorgeous.


This is gorgeous.

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"Aren’t you gonna carry my kit?"


Eric Szmanda as Greg Sanders on CSI 
"The CSI Effect" | S15x1

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I screamed when I first saw that Marg posted this on twitter. It’s such a perfect picture of the CSI cast. And Eric and Elisabeth standing beside each other is just a plus!! ☺️

what do you think/hope will happen in Rubbery Homicide(15x08)?
csimorganders csimorganders Said:

I’m pretty confident that it’s going to be a HUGE episode for us! *screams internally* and the writers have been hinting it soo much! I really hope that it has a scene in it like the one between Catherine and Vartann that one time… You know what I’m saying? 😉


I love the friendship of Cath and Greg. ♥


"Welcome to the fandom. Please enjoy your stay!"

[ insp.]